The Lonewoodsman "Wack Jacket" Leather Axe Handle Protector 5 Piece Set

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The name says it all! Sort of.  This 5 piece set is the bee's knee's when it comes to functionality and versatility.
  • The main leather jacket features an extra layer of leather to help protect the handle under the axe head in the event you overshoot your target.
  • The jacket at the bottom of the handle reduces the risk of your hands slipping from the handle mid swing.
  • With its adjustable center buckle and two self-tightening loops that easily fit over each end of the handle, this sling allows for a custom fit to be slung over your back or shoulder.
  • The sling can be used to bundle and carry firewood and other items.
  • Two pieces of 7 strand para cord that's made in the U.S.A for lacing up the jackets will be included with the set.