The Lonewoodsman Para Cord Keeper

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Growing tired of digging through my bags and pouches every time I needed some Para cord or other type of cordage, I went to the drawing boards. Finally, this idea came to mind. Personally, I have found no better way of keeping cord from getting tangled than by wrapping it in a figure 8. But I still needed to get in and out of my bags to get it..... "Why not put it on my belt or the outside of my bag?" I asked myself. Low and behold, The Lonewoodsman Para Cord Keeper was born. 
  • Neatly keep 50ft - 150ft of Para cord by your side when in the woods or on the job.
  • It has a built in belt loop for hanging on your belt or clip it on the outside of your bag to keep it handy.  
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Product Shown in medium brown. 
*** Does Not Include Para Cord ***