The 4 in 1 Lonewoodsman Bedroll

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The 4 in 1  Lonewoodsman Bedroll is the Ultimate woods companion.  Whether you're Bushcrafting , hunting, camping or hiking this will no doubt come in handy. We have found many uses for this woods tool.

  • Obviously a bed roll
  • Feed your belt through the loops and wear it on your bottom and you will instantly have a better place to sit on your adventures.
  • Snap up the sides and clip on the straps and you have a carrying bag for wood, tinder, game ( as long as you get it legally ) really just about anything you would need a bag in the woods for.
  • Found yourself a great place to nap? Need a pillow? Snap up the side fill with leaves or anything soft ( extra clothes )  then finish snapping the snaps and you have a high-end pillow to lay you head on.   
  • Please note that these products are made from natural materials and they may have marks from scaring and the tanning processes. If you're lucky enough to get one with either one of these marks it adds to the uniqueness of the product.
**** Shown in Genuine Buffalo Hide.
***   Also available in Top Quality Cow Hide.
**    Price will fluctuate depending on the type of hide.